Making the sausage …

Every Friday morning, I and my fellow miscreants, Joe and Brandon, utterly disrupt the lives of poor Brodee Scott and the staff of 101.9 KISS FM at IHeartMedia here in Memphis and we record the Geek Tank Radio show (  We cover basically whatever geeky topic catches our fancy.  Now the show sounds great and, yes, you do need to go take a listen, however, dear friends, recording a radio show is just about as crazy as the movie/tv world portrays us.  Regardless of the basic mayhem, we always seem to get enough actually recorded to make a show.  I will admit that the absolute best zingers normally take place about ten seconds after we hit the stop button.

The real question is why do we do this to ourselves at least once a week.  Well, there is the adulation of the fans.  It is a bit weird to be at a drive thru for a coffee and have the voice on the other of the ordering speaker tell you that you sound just like “the guy on the radio”.  Since I have a tendency to appear “live” so to speak at conventions, I get to meet the people that listen to the show.  It is a lot of fun to have someone walk up to my table and pick up where we left off on some topic we covered.

Another reason is filthy lucre.  I am certainly guilty of worming my out of certain activities with the question” “And this is making me money how?”.  Another odd experience is meeting a fan at a convention while they are wearing me on their t-shirt.  While we don’t make much money off the swag, we do indeed make a little and greatly appreciate it.

Although, the real reason is most likely that we just plain love what we are doing.  While the Wandering Wombats of Prosperity may never bless us with the riches of Midas, we have a good time doing on air what we are going to do anyway.

Well, time to get back to editing at The Desk Of Endless Tasks.  She is eyeing the riding crop so …..I owe, I owe, so back to work I go ….


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