Goth at the Gallery and Paranormal 101

ionsundergalleryThis coming weekend is going to be a blast.  Friday night is Goth at the Gallery.  IONS Gallery is hosting a Goth night where you can do your best Goth Distraught in 30 seconds or less and maybe even when a prize for it!

Saturday night is going to be the Paranormal 101 workshop and investigation at the gallery.  Expedition Unknown will be there to show people the tricks and tools of the trade while giving the attendees a glimpse back into the rough and tumble days of downtown Memphis.

As a quick note, I would like to thank everyone I met and chatted with at the UFO Day Festival.  In spite of everything, I had a good time with everyone.

The New Orleans Genre Writers Conference

nolapicI am so honored to have spent a phenomenal weekend at the New Orleans Genre Writers Conference in the company of good friends old and new who are dreamers of the fantastic. Thank you one and all, The Rob Cerio, Alexis Tucker, Pauline Blacker Grigsby, Kimberly Richardson, Jen Mulvihill, Michelle Brundage Weston, HDavid Blalock, Jason Fedora, Laura Wood, Kalila Smith,Sue Quiroz, Alys Arden, Debbie Soileau, Emily Bufford, Kirsten M. Corby,Marie Beau, Dionne Cherie Ballon and everyone else who attended and participated. I hope you all had a wonderful experience and I hope to see you all again soon 🙂

Join Me In NOLA This Weekend

nolapic*Welcome to the New Orleans Genre Writers Conference, a conference specifically designed for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror writers.  Come join us for 3 exciting days of learning and networking with writers, publishers and editors from within the genre!  For generations, the city of New Orleans has inspired some of the greatest fiction on the planet. Gain new inspiration for your fiction walking the streets that inspired some of the literary world’s greatest characters, settings, and monsters!

I will be there with amazing people like  Kalila Smith, Trisha Baker, Rob Cerio, Jen Mulvihill, Kimberly Richardson, H David Blalock — Writer, and many more!

The World UFO Festival

mufonThe World UFO Festival is in Memphis on July, 2nd. I am going to be a MC so come out a join the madness!

Yes, I know what most of you are saying, why would a skeptic be the MC at a light-hearted UFO festival?  The answer is that this is going to be a family friendly event that is not taking it’s self too seriously.  This is going to be a festival with a theme.

The basic event is free to the public, but you must register for your tickets online at their website.  Now, the premium stuff like the actual researchers and speakers will cost money.  I think the tickets are only 10 bucks each.  So, if you want to come out and have fun, it is free.  If you want to dive in for the serious stuff it will cost you a bit.  Either way, order your tickets in advance.

I am looking forward to this event, and yes, I am sure that there will be plenty of stuff for me to be skeptical and snarky about.  However, it should be fun and interesting.

The Week Before Con

It is Sunday night (in the falling ice and snow, again) and next weekend is ConNooga in Chattanooga, TN.  I am fortunate enough to have not one, but two amazing books to unleash.  The Big Bad II is an incredible collection of short stories all told from the point of view of the bad guy.  Next is the long awaited, Tales From A Goth Librarian.  Just think Edgar Alan Poe in a dress and you will get the idea!

So, basically, I get to spend a fabulous weekend surrounded by my favorite crazy friends doing what we do best.  Just what is that you may ask.  We tell tall tales, swap grand lies, and create new rumours and legends about each other.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend.  If you are in the area, come out and joint the madness.


My next appearance is at the Geek-O-Nomicon on December 12 – December 14 in Biloxi, MS.  If you are in the area come out and join Alexander S. Brown, M. B. Weston, Kimberly Richardson, and myself for a weekend of mirth, mischief, and I am sure a little mayhem.  I hope to see you there.