It Came From The International Market: Season 2 Episode 18: Skwinklote – Watermelon

Our tasters try various items purchased at a local international market. In this episode, they try Royal Milk Tea, Skwinklote – Watermelon, Sparkling Berry Water, and Cremino Hazelnut Squares.

Tool Talk Radio 9.26.2020

Allan and Joe play with fiberglass, the science of extrusion and how not to blow up your kitchen ……https://mighty990.com/tool-talk/


MCFC Radio 8.22.2020

8.22.2020 Joe, Allan, and Brandon are joined by Ned Canty, Director of Opera Memphis, as they discuss the common ground between, movies, video games, and opera. There is quite a bit of speculation as to what pop culture properties would make great operas.  Yes, the show is getting a new name!