Sooner or later, we do actually get well …

Well, I had a lovely time at Mid-South Con back in March. Sadly, I was already a bit beat down before attending. I even went home at a decent hour and actually got plenty of sleep. Alas, this was to no avail. The coughing wheezing mess commonly known as Con-Crud set in. Then, just to add insult to injury, the pollen assault began. It has only been in the last few days that I have been able to do anything other barely survive the day and crawl into bed early. This gets you way behind, but there is very little you can do about it.

Welp, time to dust off, get up, and get back to it. Yes, there is an elephant on the poor Desk Of Endless Tasks, however, I have lots of A1 and a willingness to tackle all this one bite at a time.

Geek Tank Radio (www.geektankradio.com) continues to amaze throngs of fans around the world. We continue to do what we do best, banter back and forth about whatever geeky topic attracts our attention. Listen in either on the website or look us up on the IHeartMedia app.

The Fix-It Up Show (podcast: The Fix-It Up Show) is broadcast live at 8:00 AM on WREC 600 AM and 92.1 FM in Memphis, TN. To all you crazy do-it-yourself types up that early in the morning, keep calling in with your questions. I have had a blessed run on the show and no one has stumped me yet but I am sure it is coming. We may have some cool new videos coming up under the name Tool Junkies! I will keep you posted.

My Mid-South Pyrate Blades are doing great. The training continues and everyone is really starting to get comfortable with those swords. As a matter-of-fact, the Pyrate Blades will be featured guests at TupeloCon this weekend in Tupelo, MS. If you are in the area, come on by and hang out with pyrates.

Later Y’all.



Waxing Gibbous …

No, I am not doing hair removal on some poor person named Gibbous.  This is the current stage of the moon.  I know that you are shocked that I keep up with the stages of the moon.  Today on GTR (www.geektankradio.com) we got to chat about how bright the moon is going to be over the next few days.  Star gazing won’t be so great, but it is time to get a nice pair of binoculars and head to the backyard and rediscover just how spectacular looking at the moon really is.  It really is a perfect not for a moon dance.

While it is has been a massively busy week, it has been a very productive week.  I have been getting a lot of stuff done.  While a lot of it has been in the dredge category, we all know that it has to get done so you can move on the sexier stuff.  There are numerous projects closing in on done.  I love being a founding member of the Fabulous Cult of Done.  There is just such a wonderful feeling to look at a wrapped up task or project using the most powerful of arcane and magical words, done.

Sea Monkey update; my lovely little bits of flamingo chow are doing rather well.  Their tank and they seem to hit that biological equilibrium and the colony seems to be doing just fine.

The temperate Bananas of Over Achieving are sprouting back up after a brutal winter.  The horse radish is already back up.  The ginger had to be replaced, but the grape vines are looking pretty good.  The blueberries are about to be in full bloom.  As a bonus round, I have five gallons of blackberry wine in the making jug.  I will keep you posted on the progress.

Back at The Desk Of Endless Tasks, after a few minor setbacks, we are plowing ahead.  Hopefully, there will be announcements soon.



Such a lovely full moon …

After another couple of days of complete downpours, the skies finally cleared and this evening we had one the best rising full moons I have seen in years.  Such a wonderful evening after so much rain.

Don’t forget MidSouthCon (www.midsouthcon.org) next weekend (March  9-11) at the Hilton off Poplar and I-240.  Come out and join the madness.  If you have never been to a fandom convention before, this is a great place to come out and find out what it is all about.  If nothing else make to “Dark and Stormy Night”  on Sunday afternoon, I promise it is worth it.

I had a wonderful time with a couple of friends from Grace Healthcare chatting about medical science and levels of care.  Listen in:

Don’t forget the new Dark Oak Press and Media YouTube channel.  We are adding content as fast we can get out there and shoot it.




Hello media editing …

Somehow or another, it always seems to be pushing midnight when I finally get to start wrapping up my day.  It has been another overly full week.  I keep telling myself the same lie that sooner or later things will calm down.  If I tell myself this enough, I might even delude myself into believing me.  We all know that is not always the best idea, but one does have to dream.

Geek Tank Radio was a massive show this morning, but we managed to get through it all pretty darn well.  The new show should post by Monday.

After wandering through a few YouTube videos, I bought the brine shrimp/sea monkeys some spirulina.  It is a lovely blue-green algae in powered form so the little devils should enjoy it.

I got a full edit done on the next Dark Oak Press release.  More wonderful mayhem in on the way from the infamous Malice in Memphis mystery writers group.

Pirate Fight Club is rolling along nicely.  Had a small group this week, so we all got in a bit of a sweat working on basics.

MidSouthCon (www.midsouthcon.org) is coming up the weekend of March 9th.  This is my very first convention I attended 36 years ago.  I have attended 34 out of the 35 conventions so far.  Not a bad track record.

And just for fun, I finally finished the format for the Question X research show.  You can check out the first episode here:


Pirate For A Day

This coming Saturday, I get to return to a bit of stage with the Pirate Raid at the main library here in Memphis.  If you are in the area, please come out for the festivities.  As an appe-teaser, let’s just say that the battle between the buccaneers for Fortune and Glory and the enforcer for Capt. Hook will be served with a lot of HAM.  It is going to be quite the show.

Now that I have said that, let’s take a little look behind the curtain if you will.  Just what does it take to put on a show like this?  First of all, there are the costumes.  Some are far more difficult than others, but they are all a lot of work.  Not only do they have to look the part, but the actors have to be able to move and work effectively in them.  Next, there are all the props.  All of that stuff comes from somewhere.  You don’t get to see the hours of hauling and setting up.  The “Glamorous Side of the Business” as I like to call it.

Finally, there is the acting and maybe even a bit action.  Most of the players you will meet have been playing their characters for years and do them with practiced ease.  However, this time, there will be a sword fight.  What you get to see will be a short, entertaining, and hopefully thrilling bit of theatrics.  What you didn’t get the see was the weeks of practice.  The scripting of every single move, every single foot step.  You don’t get to see all of the sore muscles and bruised knuckles as the actors learn the choreography.  You don’t get to see the sweat of trying to get it right changing to the elation of knowing the show is going to be fabulous.

Come and enjoy the show.  We have put a lot of heart and sweat into making it look seamless and natural.  And yes, those swords really do hurt 🙂

Upcoming Appearances:

September 23rd Pirates Raid at the Benjamin Hooks Main Library
From 11 am – 2 pm
October 6th to 8th at ConraFlow (convention in Kenner, LA.)



Words on the screen

Getting words in a coherent fashion on the screen has been a bit of a challenge lately.  It is not a lack of ideas or projects, it is more a full compliment of distractions and time challenges.  Honestly, there are just weeks in this world where it gets too cumbersome to have uninterrupted thoughts.  However, there is nothing like escaping our crazy day to day world into a great project.  Lose yourself into a new world of different ideas and explore where they can take you.  Often writing can leave you wanting to know what is going to happen next just like a reader.  These days, a little escape is very good thing.