Short Stories:

  • “El Torbellino” in” The New Adventures of The Whirlwind”, Pro Se Productions, 2014
  • “Black Mary’s Voodoo Oddities Show” – Short Story in Realms of Imagination: An Urban Fantasy Anthology, 2014
  • “The Unseen Hand” – Short Story in Dreams of Steam IV: Gizmos, 2013
  • “The Adjudication of Hetty Green” – Short story in Lawyers in Hell, 2011, Darrell Award Recipient – 1st Runner Up 2012
  • “The Locked Door” – Short story in Dreams of Steam II: Brass and Bolts, 2011, Darrell Award Recipient – Finalist 2012
  • “An Odd Demise” – Short story in Dreams of Steam 2010
  • “Origins” – Short story in Dragons Composed 2009
  • “Toradh Of The Gem” – Short story in Mark Fitzgerald Presents Tales of Fantasy 2007, Darrell Award Recipient – Finalist 2008
  • “Time To Come Out And Play” – Short story in Time Intertwined 2006, *Darrell Award Recipient – Honorable Mention – Best Short Story 2007
  • “By the Numbers” – Short story in Time Intertwined 2006
  • “Lepus Europaeus” – Short story in Modern Witches, Wizards, and Magic 2005, *Darrell Award Winner – Best Short Story 2006
  • “Good Intentions” – Short story in Thought Magazine – Online 2003
  • “Little Demon Doubt” – Short story in Darkness Rising – Demons at Play 2003 (UK), *Darrell Award Honorable Mention 2004
  • “Just Beneath the Surface” – Short story in More Monsters From Memphis 1998
  • “Finding Myself” and “Time” – Poetry in Something Like Homesickness 1997
  • “My House” – Short story in Monsters From Memphis 1997, *Darrell Award Honorable Mention 1998
  • HIPAA in Daily Practice – Technical book published 2003
  • “HIPAA: Don’t Wait to be Compliant” – Article for Certification Magazine 2004

* The Darrell Award is presented by the Darrell Award Committee for the best published works in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror for the MidSouth.


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