Those Little Joys

Ahh, the joys of editing at The Desk Of Endless Tasks, and I actually mean it.  While The Desk Of Endless Tasks is indeed a dominatrix in the truest sense,  she is there to see you to the end of the task no matter by what means.  So, one has to be ready to get some work done.

Tonight, editing and pagination, and, true, not the most exciting way to spend an evening.  Unless, you take into consideration that the project that may be years in the making is now nearing completion.  While I do indeed enjoy over coming the endless effects of the infamous duo, The Foul-up Faerie and her side-kick the Typo Demon.

The files go back to author for corrections and review.  Hopefully, soon we will begin my favorite part of the program, pursuing the Wander Wombats of Prosperity.


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