The Desk of Endless Tasks

Time to to blow the dust off

A small mountain of backed up messages, responses, and minor projects have been cleared like fresh lettuce in an egalitarian goat pen from The Desk of Endless Tasks. Time to prepare for the evening assault. A quick snack break then manodeflector shield bumper car mayhem ….



News From The Desk of Endless Tasks

Well, we finally did it.  The first episode of Geek Tank Radio has aired and is now available on the Internet and with IHeartRadio.  It is a lot of fun playing with the control board and cutting up on my favorite topics with people that are fun to cut up with.  Of course, what you don’t see is the 30 phone calls about what we should do on the show, who should we have on the show, now what are we going to do …… in other words, the amount of work and small panics that go into producing the show.

Welcome to the behind the scenes – A one hour show that is generally recording in a single take (if you can believe that) takes hours of fiddling about in the studio just to get rolling.  Yes, there is a camera in there and, yes, you will get to see bits of the silliness that goes on as soon as I have a bit of time to get the edits done and get it the production right.

However, it is a lovely if a bit chilly Sunday night and there is much to do with my sweetheart, The Desk.  We have made great strides in wrapping up all of the outstanding 2014 projects and, very happily, we are into 2015 at this point.  With a little bit of luck, grit, lash oil, and elbow grease, we should have more goodies rolling out quickly.  I hope you are enjoying our efforts.

Hello Tuesday

It is a lovely Tuesday morning at The Desk of Endless Tasks.  The sun is shining for a change and it is even a normal temperature for this time of year.  New projects have already grown to take up the summer and there are already appearances as for out next January already booked.

Mostly, I have more book production immediately in front of me and a couple of stories to get written.  Of course, this weekend is MidSouthCon.  I have been attending this convention for over 3 decades.  It is a bit like returning to your hometown.  It is always great to see all friends, old and new.  This part is packing for the event.  Books – check, bookmarks – check, squirrels of mass distraction – check, magic wands – check, table drapes – check, werewolf beggin strips – check — you get the idea.

Sunday Morning

When you work at a computer, it is amazing how time literally evaporates.  We all tell ourselves the same lie “I will be done in a few minutes” and we all know that means at least two more hours.  For me, getting into the repeat pattern of layout and pagination of a book makes serious blocks of time just plain disappear.  Sunday morning is a chance to sleep in a bit, cook and enjoy a light breakfast, then ease into the pile of work waiting not so patiently for me at The Desk Of Endless Tasks.  Now that I am here, let’s see what madness takes me today ….