Tool Talk Radio: 2.20.2021

The main topic of the day is how the cold, ice, and snow are impacting your home. Joe and Allan also salute sheet metal then dive into HVAC advice with Larry Brown. They wrap up with a Critter Wars involving a bear in an outhouse.

Tool Talk Radio: 2.13.2021

Allan loaned Joe and chipper/shedder, so Joe reports back on his adventures. They take a brief detour into additional uses for reciprocating saws then go over tips to avoid frozen pipes. Tommy Peeler, project director of Midtown Cabinetry and Millwork, joins the guys for an in-depth conversation on cabinetry.

Tool Talk Radio: 2.6.2021

Joe and Allan start off with fireplaces. They talk about the use, cleaning, maintenance, updating, and possible alternative uses. Next, Joe dodges a bathroom disaster by checking for leaks under the sink. Cindy Williams from joins the guys for an in-depth conversation about making the most of your cabinet spaces.