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I sit here tonight at The Desk of Endless Tasks as the world spins one way, while I spin another.  The infamous DOET is getting cleaner by the day.  Even the act of paying bills is getting the clean spots to spread.  Issue after issue has to be removed in order to have clear thoughts and fantasies.  With a major eclipse right around the corner, I need to be ready for the mental “what if” fallout from such an impressive event.  I have a fresh legal pad at the ready, two fidget spinners, a hot cup of tea, a mountain of ideas to type up, and at least three contradictory personality traits.  I believe a spot of cognac is going to get slipped into the reflectively charged  photon stream and we will just have to see what parallel dimension acts like it likes it.

Words on the screen

Getting words in a coherent fashion on the screen has been a bit of a challenge lately.  It is not a lack of ideas or projects, it is more a full compliment of distractions and time challenges.  Honestly, there are just weeks in this world where it gets too cumbersome to have uninterrupted thoughts.  However, there is nothing like escaping our crazy day to day world into a great project.  Lose yourself into a new world of different ideas and explore where they can take you.  Often writing can leave you wanting to know what is going to happen next just like a reader.  These days, a little escape is very good thing.

This week – cupcakes

Do to yet another aspect of my past, I can cook pretty well.  A few weeks ago, Brandon and Joe got into a conversation about the show “Cupcake Wars”.  Apparently, there had been a recent challenge involving chocolate and Parmesan cheese that left my co-hosts in a debate as to how those turned out in the real world.  I finally made it home last Thursday at a decent hour so the challenge was on.  On air, The Geek Patrol all agreed that in the right proportions, they are very tasty cupcakes.  Score another round for Geek Eats 🙂

Now, I see we have a new Doctor.  I know the show is taking a risk, but I will wait to see what they do with this new direction.

Farewell to Martin Landau and George Romero.  2017 continues to claim more of our greats.  Time to break out a few old movies.

I am finally getting back into the swing of a few things, so more to come.

Slowly I turned

Yes, I know that there is a fresh coating of dust on here, but I am happy to report that writing and other insanity is finally returning to my life.  I have even completed a short story for a writing request.  Yup, after over a year of manuals, protocols, and other business nonsense, it feels good to finally sling a little fiction.  I will keep you posted on the story and its progress.

This week on Geek Tank Radio (, I get to discuss the upcoming missions to to our planetary neighbors Neptune and Uranus.  Start giggling now, the missions will to be to probe for gasses.  I will let you make your jokes.  I also follow up on Yellowstone Park and the increasing number of earthquakes in the that area.  Then I get to tackle the spooky side of physics with news about making entangled photons and the possible uses for the little darlings.

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