Yes, there are actually Dark Oak Press fidget spinners.  Completely by accident, they are the ones that spin really well.  Needless to say, the three on The Desk of Endless Tasks are now ensnared in truly bizarre black hole-esque theory experiments into the stitching of time in a productivity loop.  You know – loop time so I get an extra day out of the designated hour non-moving “meditation”.

And, yes, I did observe the eclipse from Memphis.  It was nice to see another one in my lifetime, but, I do have to add that the whole “super lycan” legend was highly overrated.  I won’t go into details, just a little let down.

I also had never been to Columbus, MS before and thanks to Golden Triangle Comic Con, I have now had that good fortune.  The event went very well and I got to meet with lots of fans both old and new.

Now, I need to turn my attentions back to editing and possibly starting a new Jack Lago story.  I think the old boy is about ready to dust off his case book and get back to solving the unsolvable.  The fidget spinners are spinning with great enthusiasm, the gamma level induction field is nicely warmed up, and the probability generator is fully tanked up on chilled diet Mt. Dew.  Enjoy and don’t listen to the Babirusa intern, there are issues ….


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