Tool Talk Radio

Tool Talk Radio: 10.16.2021

Joe and Allan dive in with a few air conditioning do’s and don’ts. Allan explains that when it comes to flower boxes, what goes up must come down at some point. Since William Shatner went into space, the guys talk about all the connections the space program has with your local hardware store. Max takes a dive into whether or not the pyramids could have been built using water.

Tool Talk Radio: 10.09.2021

Joe and Allan start off with a salute to the rubber mallet then they wonder just how does Roman concrete last so long. Jay Hill from Big M Roofing drops by to answer questions about roof repairs and the claims process. Next, Joe wants to know if zero footprint mechanical energy is possible and if our batteries today can handle the challenge. Finally, Joe gets amazed by the emergence of tripos shrimp and other critters.

Tool Talk Radio: 10.02.2021

Joe and Allan start off with a salute to “Bondo”. Mike with Interstate Interiors and Justin with First Call Claims drop by to explain the claims process in the event of a home disaster. Then, Larry Brown gives us a snapshot of how the HVAC business is overcoming logistical issues. They wrap up the show with fall mushrooms and Halloween decorating mishaps.

Tool Talk Radio: 9.25.2021

Joe and Allan salute the automatic garage door opener. Then, they dive into the 2021 Lexus Design Award and the winning skylight that makes fresh drinkable water. Next, it is time to find out just how white can a paint really get and could it help cool your house. Max starts a conversation about the architectural style known as Brutalism. Brand Olmstead jumps in to talk about proper food disposer installation and a few Halloween decorating cautionary tales.

Tool Talk Radio: 9.18.2021

Joe and Allan are broadcasting on location from the 33rd Cooper-Young Festival in the heart of Memphis, TN. The guys start out with a brief history of the “A” frame ladder. Next, they get into the topic of project flexibility which leads into “everything old is new again” as they discuss the changes taking place in the materials and techniques in the construction and renovation business. Kelly Cruise from Weichert Realty Benchmark drops by to cover the state of real estate today.