Tool Talk Radio

Tool Talk Radio: 11.19.2022: Winterize the Yard

The crew accidently left Allan and Max alone in the studio so they dove into the topic of winterizing your yard and lawn care systems. A listener question wants to know how long a wax ring for a toilet lasts. This leads to a lot of information about the things you really want to update when purchasing an older home. With colder temps on the way, make sure you know where your water key is.


Tool Talk Radio: 11.12.2022: The Titanic Movie Set

Joe and Allan start off with common sheetrock issues and Allan brings an old abused concrete patio back to a lovely new life. Joe has numerous issues with stucco in the Mid-South. Jay Hill from Big M Roofing answers common questions about why the roof is so critical to the well-being of your house. They all have their own takes on why the movie set for the movie “Titanic” was such a building marvel.

Tool Talk Radio: 11.05.2022: The LEGO Factory

Joe and Allan just right into quick fixes that give you a big bang for your bucks. Next, they agree on the poor design of old shower stalls. They get a little into the scientific with the world’s first thermal sand battery. Allan’s week in review wanders from footsteps in fresh sealant to a variety of toilet troubles. They are both excited to talk about the amazing LEGO Factory. They wrap up celebrating the under appreciated dowel.

Tool Talk Radio: 10.29.2022: Victorian Houses

Joe and Allan start the ball rolling with DIY horror stories from concrete counters to bad paint choices. Next, they both agree that they don’t like unique decorator inspired basin sinks. Then, they get into finding unexpected tip over hazards around the home. Joe and Allan dive into the rise and fall of the Victorian house. They wrap up the show with a few of their predictions over the years that they have gotten right.

Tool Talk Radio: 10.22.2022: The Winchester Mystery House

Joe and Allan are joined by Brandon from Geek Tank Radio as they start off with a question from a listener about tiling a bathroom. Next, they all get to remember the infamous in-floor furnace that may still be in use today in some older homes. Brandon has lots of Halloween decorating advice and they all enjoy the history of the Winchester Mystery House. They wrap up with new news about gas stoves, fireplaces, and heating.

Tool Talk Radio: 10.15.2022: Critter Wars and Airports

Joe and Allan start off with the right blade for the right cut then the guys handle a Critter Wars text about getting rid of rats. There is a new trend in luxury housing, massive basements. PSA, please don’t let your trees dry out. Joe, Allan , and Max dive into the legends and conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver International Airport. They wrap up how house batteries and solar power are making progress.

Tool Talk Radio: 10.08.2022: From Critters to New Energy Systems

Joe and Allan kick things off with a text about squirrels in the wall and what to do about that. They get into the science of new energy storage systems under the ocean. New trash collection systems are being put into service around the world. Finally, they look at the drama involved in building the Chrysler Building, 40 Wall Street, and The Empire State Building.

Tool Talk Radio: 9.24.2022: The Pros and Cons of Wallpaper

Joe and Allan get the show rolling by answering questions about the pros and cons of wallpaper, then they look for possible solutions for a yard with standing water. Joe brings up the classic Frank Lloyd Wright house “Falling Water” for debate. Larry Brown from Brown Refrigeration stops by to answer fall HVAC questions. They wrap up with a salute to safety glasses and a few more old industry-related injuries.

Tool Talk Radio: 9.17.2022: Live from the Cooper-Young Festival

Joe and Allan are joined by Brandon Olmstead from Geek Tank Radio and Jay Hill from Big M Roofing for the annual Cooper-Young Festival. The great weather brings out huge crowds while the guys talk about the bad, the ugly, and then the good of the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. Jay weighs in about the state of the roofing industry today. Then, they all tell the stories behind their battle scars from everyday work. They wrap up with words of wisdom on keeping a project motivated to completion.

Tool Talk Radio: 9.10.2022: The Burj Khalifa

Joe and Allan kick off the show with a few questions from listeners. Primer and its uses start off the conversation. They finish up with when to get a permit for those big jobs to make sure everything is done right. Joe is curious about how well to we have lightning under control in modern buildings and about future developments. Max jumps in with the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Finally, Joe is making good progress on his own kitchen remodel.