The Food Dude

It Came From The International Market: Season 1 Episode 20: Holiday Special

It is the holiday special and our tasters try various items purchased at at local international market. In this episode they try old fashioned candy, popcorn ball, character chocolate, Grinch kisses, Star Wars chocolate, and candy poopers.

Cooking in a Tiny Kitchen: Season 1 Episode 1: Cranberry Relish

Scott J. Carroll joins us from the Tiny Kitchen and shares three recipes for holiday side dishes that will brighten any meal!

Cranberry Relish
1 large bag cranberries
4-5 small to medium apples, a variety
2 large navel oranges
1/2-1 cup sugar to taste
Rinse cranberries and apples, peel and section the oranges. run all fruit through a hand crank meat grinder. Mix all ground fruit in a large bowl. Mix sugar to taste, refrigerate overnight, serve chilled.
(vegan, gluten free)

Cinnamon Apple Butter Crescents
1 pack crescent rolls
3 TBSP apple butter
Cinnamon and Sugar to taste.
Open can of crescent rolls, and separate. Spoon a portion of the Apple Butter along the center line of the crescent. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Roll crescent. Repeat until all are filled. Dust the tops with cinnamon and sugar.
Bake at 375 for approx 10-12 minutes. Serve warm.

Cheese Sauce
2 large blocks cheddar cheese, 1 sharp, 1 mild (cubed small).
16 ounces sour cream
1 cup milk
2 tbsp flour
1/2 stick butter.
Melt butter and mix in flour until blonde. Stir in milk until it begins to thicken. Add in sour cream. Once mixture becomes hot, begin stirring in cheese one handful at a time until all is incorporated.
Serve warm.


It Came From The International Market: Season 2 Episode 18: Skwinklote – Watermelon

Our tasters try various items purchased at a local international market. In this episode, they try Royal Milk Tea, Skwinklote – Watermelon, Sparkling Berry Water, and Cremino Hazelnut Squares.