Is it the monsoon season already?

I ask because it is still raining.  Now, it is not some kind of wild thunder blizzard, it is just raining – raining – raining – did I mention still raining ….  We can safely say the the Mid-South is well watered in.  Even though I know better, and yes, there will be another cold spell, I have started my spring planting.  Maybe I could consider a rice paddy section in the yard?

My tank of tiny minions is doing quite well.  The new food seems to be doing the trick and the little swimming dots are starting to look like brine shrimp.  Hopefully, they will be big enough to photograph next week.

The Desk of Endless Tasks and I are making some pretty progress in editing and pagination.  This means new stuff coming.

My dear friends at Malice in Memphis have decided what they really want to do right now is hold a writing contest with yours truly as a final judge.  I feel my inner Simon bubbling to the surface.  Check it out here:

If you haven’t seen the new stuff at the Dark Oak Press and Media YouTube channel, do check it out and Subscribe.  We got more cool stuff coming.

Here is one the new shows from Haunted New Orleans.  I love the legends down there!

Hello media editing …

Somehow or another, it always seems to be pushing midnight when I finally get to start wrapping up my day.  It has been another overly full week.  I keep telling myself the same lie that sooner or later things will calm down.  If I tell myself this enough, I might even delude myself into believing me.  We all know that is not always the best idea, but one does have to dream.

Geek Tank Radio was a massive show this morning, but we managed to get through it all pretty darn well.  The new show should post by Monday.

After wandering through a few YouTube videos, I bought the brine shrimp/sea monkeys some spirulina.  It is a lovely blue-green algae in powered form so the little devils should enjoy it.

I got a full edit done on the next Dark Oak Press release.  More wonderful mayhem in on the way from the infamous Malice in Memphis mystery writers group.

Pirate Fight Club is rolling along nicely.  Had a small group this week, so we all got in a bit of a sweat working on basics.

MidSouthCon (www.midsouthcon.org) is coming up the weekend of March 9th.  This is my very first convention I attended 36 years ago.  I have attended 34 out of the 35 conventions so far.  Not a bad track record.

And just for fun, I finally finished the format for the Question X research show.  You can check out the first episode here:


Back At The Desk

I have had a very nice night so far with my lovely Desk of Endless Tasks.  A descent sized clean spot has been made in the “To Do” pile.  There is a wonderful feeling to just clearing the time to sit down and just plain and simple get to the tasks stuck in your head.  If you are like me, an over due has a way of getting stuck in my mind and stays there until done.  Even if I am not sure how it is supposed to be done, that doesn’t matter, it just needs to be done.  Bills have been paid and emails answered.  Images have been made and updates uploaded.  New promos have been uploaded and new video materials have been edited.  All in all, a lovely night indeed.

This weeks Geek Tank Radio show was a lot of fun because I had been challenged to cook a Star Wars dish for Geek Eats.  I was dared to cook a porg, the bird/hamster  looking thing from the movie.  After watching the scene, I figured I could replicate the shape with a rock corning game hen.  So I thawed one out and split it in half and ran each half up a skewer from the shin up and out past the wing.  I then made sure that they were stretched out into the proper shape.  Seasoned them with a bit of lemon pepper and french tarragon, then they got baked for 30 minutes at 350f.  The Geek Patrol got past the “cute” factor and a little roast porg was enjoyed live on the show.

Just a reminder: buy my books – it supports my further adventures 🙂


galenxlgGalen is the story of an ancient vampire and the two women who enter his life. The first, Maggie, is determined to destroy him in the name of revenge. The second, Brenda, is seduced into the life of the living vampire. Their interactions make for a suspenseful and erotic ride through Galen’s dark world.

Allan Gilbreath takes the classic vampire motif to a whole new level. He spins the familiar legends into a distinctive shape. What really makes this novel work is Gilbreath’s astounding attention to detail. Even the most mundane scenes shimmer with a luxurious light, and the entire story overflows with sensual imagery.

Allan Gilbreath links fantasy with danger and satisfaction with death to excellent effect, and the plot tension between the various characters sets a wonderful stage for the little details that bring it all to life. Galen holds great interest for fans of horror and romance, especially with the kinky edge that characterizes the best vampire erotica.


And Media

It has been a dream of mine for many years to truly add media formats to the line up at Dark Oak Press (http://www.darkoakpress.com).  Thanks to Haunted New Orleans, we know have that dream up and running.  Just in time for “Vampires for Valentines” we can now add Haunted New Orleans: Vampires.

This weeks brine shrimp / sea monkey update: yes the little bits of flamingo food are living the marine crustacean version of the good life.  We are still months away from any type of live testing on the laser delivery systems.  I will keep the updates coming.

The Desk of Endless Tasks has been going well.  Several book projects are out in various stages of editing.  We should have some exciting announcements soon.

Pyrate Fight Club continues to get better and better.  The swords are moving faster and the routines are growing more complex every week.

Full moon rumours: No that is not me in the wolf running on it’s hind legs pictures.
No, I had nothing to do with that “paranormal” event at animal control.
No, my hair did not “grow back in”.
No, I don’t know where “Fluffy” is – now matter how plump and tender “Fluffy was …



Inch by Inch

Inch by Inch, I am clearing the backlog on The Desk of Endless Tasks.  With all the bad weather over the last few weeks, I have gotten just a little behind.  The Desk and I still have to sit down and pick out new merchandise.  Happily, I have a little time to find some new stuff. https://www.cafepress.com/gtrmerchandise/14488659

Editing is going well.  Several books are now in various stages of the process.  Yes, please keep buying books and we can afford to make more.

Video editing has finally managed to claw its way up the top of The Desk of Endless Tasks.  So much stuff to do and so little time.  Hopefully, this means I will have a lot more projects wrapped up.
Here is a peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9ME5xWtuk4

Please go check out the Dark Oak Press – Vampires For Valentines selection.  I have a couple of books in the line up for those of you who haven’t read them yet.

Writing events are booking up fast.  We have just about got a full year’s schedule laid out.  If you are in the Mid-South, come out and have a little fun with us.

Last but certainly not least – the brine shrimp are doing fine.  They are getting bigger every day and starting to swim like tiny brine shrimp are supposed to.

Welcome to the Tundra …

Or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof.  The Intergalactic Truck of Hauling and I have rolled more than 350 miles in the last two days through this freezing mess.  People had to be picked up and dropped off – everywhere.  I am fairly certain I have seen at least on Yeti lurking around the house.  Okay, it might have been a neighbor’s cat, but it was dark, I was tired and cold – so in my mind – Yeti.  You get the picture.  I also got around to refilling the bird feeder after knocking all the ice off of it and let’s just say my lovely forest of banana trees is in the “not so much” department.  However, sooner or later, we will thaw out and move on with the weather.

Thanks to everyone listening to the Geek Tank Radio show.  We have achieved true international status with more people listening  in every day and from all over the world.  http://www.geektankradio.com

At Dark Oak Press, we have several new releases in the works.  I will be posting more about them as we get closer to done on the projects.  Happily, I am closing in on being done with the portable (and downloadable) murder mystery party game.  Look for more details on that coming very soon.  Seminar – we got a lot of seminars coming up all over the Mid-South.  Check out the Dark Oak Press Blog for more information.

Sea Monkey Update – the baby brine shrimp are doing fine.  You can almost make them out with the naked eye, but they are in there swimming around living the brine shrimp version of the good life.

The Best Stories

The best stories always come from things not going exactly according to plan.  Now, I do know that occasionally you have to toss a real hissy fit to get people’s attention and/or get something corrected or done.  Sadly, customer service just isn’t what it used to.

With that said, there comes a point at which things are about as good as they are going to get.  Now is the time to start making the best of the situation at hand.  Over this past week, the temperatures have been been way below normal and causing problems all over the place.  Anything from freezing winds on the outside to frozen pipes on the inside.

I was just at ShadowCon in West Memphis, AR this weekend.  The hotel venue had burst pipes and was actually closed until about 4 p.m. on the Friday of the convention.  Bless the hearts of the convention staff, they dove in and pulled to together their event in an hour as people arrived.  While actual experiences will vary, I will remember watching a burlesque show in a pile of friends huddled together for warmth as the performers bravely went on with the show.  There were plenty of hot coffee runs, trips to the con suite, and at least one major raid on a Popeye’s Chicken.  Great conversations were had in the dealer’s room and people you just met become good friends by the end of the event.  Thank you to the staff of ShadowCon for boldly striding forward and putting on the best event possible.

Now, I am back The Desk Of Endless Tasks with a shiny year staring in the face and a renewed commitment to The Amazing Order Of Done.  Just remember, you can’t actually save time, you can only use it wisely.  So off we go …

The Wolf Moon

Our new year rings in under the full Wolf Moon.  It is a clear and very cold night.  While the reality is that tomorrow is not really any different than any other day, mentally, it is the start of a new year.  We get to look forward to the possibilities of of all that stuff we haven’t done from last year.  Currently, I am sitting here at The Desk Of Endless Tasks while the temp outside drops to stupid cold levels.  The Murder To Go game is nearly complete.  Everything about the game itself is done.  Now working on the gloriously painful part, the instructions.  The beta version is out at the readers.  I am now waiting on the questions and comments to roll in.

Hopefully, I will get over working everywhere else 80 hours a week and I will get back to my own projects.  As I am fond of saying, so much mischief, so little time.  So many great ideas populate numerous post-it notes in a pile on the desk.  It would indeed be a banner year if I could turn these ideas into finished works.

2018, I look forward to you with an eye to The Amazing Order Of Done.  You are greeted by a fabulous full moon thus you are rolling in with some fanfare.  Well, with a bit of hard work and a smidge of good luck, this will be a better year for all of us.

An Interesting Year

It has indeed been an interesting year.  As we close in on it’s end, I always ask myself if I want another year of the things I have been doing.  Most years, this means the end of various activities, employments, employees, projects, and associations.  As I ask myself the same question this year, I have already divested myself of the things I did not want to carry forward and actually surrounded myself  with so much that I want to see into the shiny new 2018.  I have a couple of book projects that I should be able to wrap up in the next few months.  Numerous media projects that will finally finish after years of chasing them down.  Geek Tank Radio keeps growing by leaps and bounds.  I am already booked into many of my favorite conventions.  My customer service seminars are booking up and this coming year I am trying to add a portable escape room to the mix.  The Dark Oak Press Writer’s About Town seminars are growing rapidly as more locations and dates keep getting added.  Then there is the Pirate Fight Club.  I can not tell you how proud I am of everyone involved.  It takes amazing people to pick up a stage sword for the first time and commit themselves to the art form.  It is a lot of hard work, but it looks so good when it goes right.  From the side project department, both batches of muscadine wine turned out very well and now sit aging in their bottles.

Midnight approaches yet again as I sit here at the infamous Desk Of Endless Tasks.  She has been very motivational this year and many projects that were merely in the way of progress have been wrapped up.  The Intergalactic Truck Of Hauling has all new seals and it ready for further adventures.  For my next trick in world of wines, I think the next batch will be blackberry.  That just sounds like a lot of fun.  As for now, I and going to wrap up and stare at my new childish wonder, a small tank of brine shrimp.  Yes, sea monkeys, I have always found their tiny little antics to relaxing.  Relax and actually enjoy the Holidays for a change.


Truly Endless

desk2mousepadIn spite of a couple of dedicated days at the black leather enhanced Desk of Endless Tasks, the tasks are proving to be more endless than usual.  I am indeed making progress and I do have the odd habit of starting with the most time consuming tasks first.  That way, it feels like you are picking speed as you pick off the tasks.  I also have a lovely sign over my desk that states, “Do not Confuse Effort With Results”.  Sometimes you just need to be reminded to just reach the “Done” status.  There are lots of tasks that sometimes you just have to pick a stop point.  Otherwise, I would keep messing with it for days.

Even my poor Intergalactic Truck Of Hauling has needed new seals and a new battery.  The poor old dear just needed to be shown a little love to keep it up and ready to dash to the rescue at a moments notice.  Well, with an active Pirate Fight Club, anything can and will happen.  Speaking of the PFC, everyone is doing so very well.  If you get a chance to see us in action, please show up and show us a bit of support.  It is an amazing amount of fun.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVu3BG3z-1I&t=404s

Still lots of great projects coming 🙂