Is it the monsoon season already?

I ask because it is still raining.  Now, it is not some kind of wild thunder blizzard, it is just raining – raining – raining – did I mention still raining ….  We can safely say the the Mid-South is well watered in.  Even though I know better, and yes, there will be another cold spell, I have started my spring planting.  Maybe I could consider a rice paddy section in the yard?

My tank of tiny minions is doing quite well.  The new food seems to be doing the trick and the little swimming dots are starting to look like brine shrimp.  Hopefully, they will be big enough to photograph next week.

The Desk of Endless Tasks and I are making some pretty progress in editing and pagination.  This means new stuff coming.

My dear friends at Malice in Memphis have decided what they really want to do right now is hold a writing contest with yours truly as a final judge.  I feel my inner Simon bubbling to the surface.  Check it out here:

If you haven’t seen the new stuff at the Dark Oak Press and Media YouTube channel, do check it out and Subscribe.  We got more cool stuff coming.

Here is one the new shows from Haunted New Orleans.  I love the legends down there!


A Bit Skeptical


This coming Sunday night, I will be the guest on Renee Live.  I have been the guest skeptic on this show for years.  While I am told that I am loved on this show, I personally believe the the audience loves to hate me.  I am the Capt. Buzzkill to the true believers’ zeal.  The show is fast paced and very funny as Renee tries in vain to get me to crack up.  Bless her poor heart, she is too easy to get into the giggles.  No matter how many imaginary friends she brings to the effort – she cracks first, but she never gives in.

The main theme of the show is about the paranormal world and my part in it as a devout skeptic.  The number one question is, of course, just what does a skeptic do besides say that he or she doesn’t believe it?  I will confess that most skeptics do just that.  That is not being a skeptic, that is simple denial.  Being a good skeptic is much harder.  First of all, you need to have a working knowledge of the topic.  Second, you have to have an open mind and realize that a witness really did have an experience.  Third, you must be able to follow the evidence to the other possible scenarios that may have created the experience in question.

Do to my varied life experiences, I know a lot about how a building works, ages, and decay.s  This makes me a very tough skeptic.  The reason I enjoy being the “snarky skeptic” is to get to see all the new stuff people are seeing and recording while out investigating and I get to see if there is truly anything that may actually be outside the mundane.  My deepest fear, is that some fired up newbie is actually going to blindly stumble upon something that would actually be repeatable and thus capable of being studied.  They will bungle the data collection and one of the keystone discoveries of our time will be lost.  Basically, I love the stuff that is not easy to debunk.

Enjoy the remaining full moon ( I know I will) and tune in Sunday night.

Upcoming Appearances:

September 10th Renee Live Show – Podcast
Show starts 8 pm Central – 10 pm
Featuring: Allan Gilbreath

September 23rd Pirates Raid at the Benjamin Hooks Main Library
From 11 am – 2 pm
Featuring: Allan Gilbreath