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Tool Talk Radio: 8.27.2022: The Sidney Opera House

Joe and Allan are on the road at the Bartlett Animal Shelter for the Dog Days of Summer. They get started with hints and tips about installing and maintaining fences. Then, they get to chat with Loren Love from E&L Gourmet Hotdogs about just what does take to be gourmet. Joe has discovered floating flooring and the wide variety in flooring choices these days. The guys get into the complicated history of the building of the Sidney Opera House. They wrap up discussing water management and urban planning in the future.

Tool Talk Radio: 8.20.2022: Picking the Right Contractor and Lessons from Viking Ships

Joe and Allan tackle the topic of hiring the right contractor for your job by asking the right questions. Next, they get into the new heat reflective paints coming on the market. Max leads them through the origins of the expression, “It’s raining cats and dogs.” Joe is fascinated by the lessons to be learned about wood working from Viking ships and Allan reminds everyone that it is time to check around your house for places critters might be trying to make home.

The Food Dude: 8.18.2022: Blackberry Tarts

Allan goes with an easy to make treat, the jelly tart. Take a small graham cracker crust and top with the jelly of your choice, simple and tasty. Allan chose blackberry jelly made from locally picked fruit for Ditch, Danni, and Jeff to try. Simple treats often turn out to be the best ones.

Tool Talk Radio: 8.13.2022: Talking about the Arch

Joe and Allan kick things off by exploring the eccentric buildings known as Marina City (Marina Towers) in Chicago. Joe has also discovered the popularity of repurposing pallets and other stuff, plus send a few tools along to school with your college students. Allan salutes the arch from its ancient past to how we are still using it. They wrap up with a little critter kindness because Joe has been rescuing toads and frogs from the swimming pool at his latest job site.

Geek Tank Radio: 8.13.2020: Covington Comic Con

Joe, Brandon, and Allan are joined by Josh Mason from the Covington Comic Con. They dive into attending and running a fan-based convention in the post-pandemic era. Then, it is time to talk about all the changes coming soon to the DC Comics and Warner Brothers media projects.

Tool Talk Radio: 8.06.2022: From Glass to Pagodas

Joe and Allan start the show with a salute to glass, from history to future. Next, Joe wants to know why there are so many dead limbs falling this season. The must have item is a new LED utility flashlight. Max leads the guys in the building lessons of ancient pagodas. This leads to the evolution of remodeling your home over time and the power of effective project management.