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Geek Tank Radio: 3.25.2023: 3D Printed Rockets and Steampunk

Joe and Allan agree that some animated features are easily some of the best acting and story telling in entertainment today. Then it is time for Allan to roll out the wonderful world of Steampunk and Joe has questions. The guys wrap up with the fact that a 3D created rocket has been created and launched.


Tool Talk Radio: 3.25.2023: Stonehenge and Vinyl Furniture Covers

Joe and Allan are feeling Spring in the air. There is an update on the installation of the automated cat litter box. Then, they tackle the historically bad idea of vinyl furniture covers. Allan’s Week in Review is all about reading and understanding the specs on any installation especially window unit air conditioners and PTAC units. He also laments the over use of chicken wire in construction in years past. They wrap up having a lot of fun speculating on all things Stonehenge.

Tool Talk Radio: 3.18.2023: Pet Tech and HVAC Stories

Joe and Allan jump right in with new technology for pet owners and a few tips for making pet ownership easier. Allan’s Week in Review is about removing floor registers and fixing a dangerous front porch light. Larry Brown and Bill Kellum from Brown Refrigeration join the show with plenty of stories of the crazy stuff they have found working on air conditioning systems. Great Moments in Building History salutes the Milam Building in San Antonio, TX for being one of the first tall buildings to have air conditioning built in back in 1928.

Geek Tank Radio: 3.18.2023: Robotic Kitty Litter Boxes

Joe, Brandon, and Allan start out with the new amount of tech designed for pets and pet owners. Max stops by the peat bog with a visit with the Tollund Man. The guys are all catching up on the Mandalorian, but Allan has a villain question for Brandon. He has an amazing answer.

Geek Tank Radio: 3.11.2023: The Vril-Ya Bazaar and Now We Have Robots

Joe leads Brandon and Allan into the Vril-Ya Bazaar and Fete of 1891 and how this may have been the the very first science fiction convention. Batman: Caped Crusader has found a new home over at Amazon. Bear Robotics is now making a robotic server/busser named Servi. Yes, the robots are here and Joe looks worried.

Tool Talk Radio: 3.11.2023: Peat Bogs to Wrigley Field

Joe and Allan start off with a few stories involving fork lifts, then Max chimes in about the Shigir Idol, the world’s oldest wood sculpture. This brings up peat bog preservation and tips an tricks for preserving the wood around your home. Joe’s must have item of the week is a set of spade bits and what they are good at and not so good at. Wrigley Field in Chicago is the feature for Great Moments in Build History. It proves to be a great example of how a building can grow, change, and be updated over the years. Allan wraps things up with an update on water mitigation and landscaping plus a word of caution when dealing with broken and hanging tree branches.

Tool Talk Radio: 3.05.2023: A Tacky Lamp, Lord of the Rings, and Fiber Technology

Joe and Allan get started with Joe’s quest for the perfect lamp for an odd place in his ongoing renovation. A little tacky can be a good thing. Allan rants a bit about landscaping and water control around the home during Spring showers. Then, he has to clean up water seeping in under the tiles. Great Moments in Building History is all about the movie sets for The Lord of The Rings in New Zealand. The guys wrap this episode up with a chat about fiber technology and how it influencing so much in the DIY industries.

Geek Tank Radio: 3.05.2023: To AI or not to AI

The guys start of with a short conversation about the new season of The Mandalorian and all of the directions the show can go from here. Then it is all about how artificial intelligence is creeping into everything. There are new apps that can produce all kinds of artwork in a variety of styles. It seems that AI is starting to influence everything from music to college papers and even story telling, both movies and books.

Tool Talk Radio: 2.25.2023: The St. Louis Arch, Demolition Tales, and Gardening Advice.

Joe finally gets a video of a sink draining in New Zealand. Then, he talks about his experience demolishing a bathroom for a renovation job. Allan’s Week in Review starts off with the benefits of installing a strainer drain in the bathroom sink. He wraps up by warning everyone to be aware of how much stuff weighs while you are dealing with demolition and constriction wastes. It weights a lot more than you think. Great Moments in Building History features the famous Gateway to the West, The St. Louis Arch. The guys wrap up with advice from Allan about starting your backyard and garden plans early by laying it all out early before the vegetation kicks in.