New Orleans Genre Writers Conference

New Orleans conference empowers genre writers with dialogue, contacts, and ROI

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The first annual New Orleans Genre Writers Conference was held June 5-7, 2015. The 3-day event was sponsored by Dark Oak Press and Media.

Convention producers wanted to offer attendees useful genre-focused panel time and a Big Easy dose of inspiration. Their goal is to perpetuate an annual convention package that caters to science fiction, horror, and fantasy genre writers, surrounded by the allure and ambiance of the City that Care Forgot,

Dark Oak Press and Media Managing Editor Allan Gilbreath opened his speech by welcoming attendees and guests to the Friday night Meet and Greet at the Howlin’ Wolf Den in New Orleans. Next, he asked if anybody’s head was ready to explode, alluding to the attention everyone had given toward the full day of panels.

Laughter ensued and whatever ice remained within that steamy New Orleans venue was broken instantly. Then the sorcery that Gilbreath works so well began to swirl about the room in a haze of colored can lights.

Allan discussed the availability of writers’ conferences for ‘everything on the planet’ from romance to how-to books.Per Gilbreath, “I’m not sure that’s writing. That’s teaching you how to type eloquently. Let’s face it. Genre is last.”

Then he turned it around, with, “Geek is chic. I love that right now.”

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The New Orleans Genre Writers Conference

nolapicI am so honored to have spent a phenomenal weekend at the New Orleans Genre Writers Conference in the company of good friends old and new who are dreamers of the fantastic. Thank you one and all, The Rob Cerio, Alexis Tucker, Pauline Blacker Grigsby, Kimberly Richardson, Jen Mulvihill, Michelle Brundage Weston, HDavid Blalock, Jason Fedora, Laura Wood, Kalila Smith,Sue Quiroz, Alys Arden, Debbie Soileau, Emily Bufford, Kirsten M. Corby,Marie Beau, Dionne Cherie Ballon and everyone else who attended and participated. I hope you all had a wonderful experience and I hope to see you all again soon 🙂