Joe Thordardson

Geek Tank Radio: 8.13.2020: Covington Comic Con

Joe, Brandon, and Allan are joined by Josh Mason from the Covington Comic Con. They dive into attending and running a fan-based convention in the post-pandemic era. Then, it is time to talk about all the changes coming soon to the DC Comics and Warner Brothers media projects.

Tool Talk Radio: 8.06.2022: From Glass to Pagodas

Joe and Allan start the show with a salute to glass, from history to future. Next, Joe wants to know why there are so many dead limbs falling this season. The must have item is a new LED utility flashlight. Max leads the guys in the building lessons of ancient pagodas. This leads to the evolution of remodeling your home over time and the power of effective project management.

Tool Talk Radio: 7.23.2022: The Construction of the Statue of Liberty

Joe and Allan start off with the construction of the Statue of Liberty. A lot of the lessons learned then are still in use today. Joe has a new must have tool, a metric tape measure. Allan talks about the advancements in mycelium-based leather now being used for furniture, hats, and clothing. That’s right, a leather made from mushrooms. Larry Brown joins the conversation to talk about the Summer heat and your air conditioning system. They wrap up with eco architecture and building techniques designed for humans and nature.

Geek Tank Radio: 7.23.2022: So Much New Stuff

Allan does a shallow dive into all the media coming out over the next few months and comes up with too much stuff to cover in just an hour. Brandon provides a guiding light to follow into next year. Then, Joe and Max take us into the anime genre of space westerns complete with a new version of Trigun on the way.

Geek Tank Radio: 7.16.2022: The James Webb Space Telescope

Allan and Joe are joined this week by Scott J. Carroll and they start out with the K2 comet passing the earth. It was found by the Hubble Telescope and now the James Webb Space Telescope is taking over in a very big way. Scott dives in with the pros and cons of the surge of geeky fan base shows and movies now being the mainstream of entertainment. Max tackles a few philosophical questions posed by the third season of The Orville.

Tool Talk Radio: 7.16.2022: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Joe and Allan start off the show with a salute to pliers complete with lots of historical speculation. Jay Hill from Big M Roofing and Remodeling drops in to answer questions about your roof in the Summer heat. The guys take a quick salute to the humble washer then head over to The Leaning Tower of Pisa and bring up several of the peculiar features besides leaning. They wrap up with a few words about finding money while renovating old properties.

Tool Talk Radio: 7.09.2022: How Hammers Are Made

Joe and Allan start off with a salute to the front porch and front porch culture. Next, they hand out some painting tips for working in the Summer heat. Then, Allan goes on a short rant about misinformation about electricity. Joe leads a discussion about the effect of Gothic architecture on cities and entertainment. The guys talk about the uses for a rivet gun and wrap up with how hammers are made.

Tool Talk Radio: 7.02.2022: Garden Hoses and Great Construction

Joe and Allan celebrate their one year anniversary with News Talk 989 then get to the salute of the humble garden hose. Allan has a couple of cautionary tales about being able to shut off the water in the event of a leak or worse. Then, Joe and Allan take a look at new sports stadiums and how they are making use of time honored and tested systems of handling crowds, air flow, and water management combined with modern technology to deliver an amazing fan experience.