Allan Gilbreath

CC Entertainment Spotlight: Season 2 Episode 5: Star Trek Day

Scott J. Carroll interviews Steve Mulroy about the founding and celebrating of the official Star Trek Day in Memphis, TN. As a part of the event, David Gerrod, the author of “The Trouble With Tribbles”, gives an amazing talk about what it was like to be a part of the original “Star Trek”.

Tool Talk Radio: 5.21.2022: The Framing Square

Joe and Allan salute the framing square, a simple tool that does so much and makes projects more stable. The guys tackle the late spring temperature swings with advice about caulking, windows, and gardens. Larry Brown from Brown Refrigeration joins the show with a talk about Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing and logistics and how it is impacting the supply chain.

Geek Tank Radio: 5.21.2022: Director Craig Brewer

Joe, Brandon, and Allan are visited in hour one by renown Hollywood director, Craig Brewer. As a Memphis resident, Craig has an amazing project at the Concourse Theatre in the Crosstown Building, The Secret Screening. Craig secretly selects a movie, sets up the screening, does the introduction without giving away the title, then everyone enjoys the movie. Next, he generously gives the guys a master’s class on film making and his career. In hour two, Brandon breaks out the mailbag and the guys tackle the question, just how interconnected do comic stories need to be.

Tool Talk Radio: 5.14.2022: On Location at the Rabies and Vaccination Extravaganza

Joe and Allan are on location at Bartlett Animal Services for their Rabies and Vaccination Extravaganza. The guys start out with a salute to the fence. Do good fences make for better neighbors? Just what are you trying to keep in and what are you trying to keep out? Then, the Casita by Boxabl is an energy-efficient, low maintenance 375-square-foot prefab house promoted by Elon Musk. It is delivered on the back of a semi-truck and craned in place. The roughly 20×20-foot cube is move-in ready within hours. Would you live in one? Joe and Allan have a few cautionary tales about overheating electrically powered tools. Jay the Dog Catcher jumps in with the guys and fills them in on the event. They wrap up with the evolution of cutting, from saws to cnc machines.

Geek Tank Radio: 5.14.2022: Live From The Bartlett Animal Services

Joe, Brandon, and Allan are recorded live at the Bartlett Animal Services’ Rabies and Vaccinations Extravaganza. The guys get to visit with hundreds of cute dogs and cats all there to get their vaccinations. In between furry pet breaks, the guys dive into the idea that comic universes should be kept separate. They get a visit from Jay the Dog Catcher who gives them an update on the event. The guys wrap up talking about the power of an animal in modern storytelling and there are a few works out there told from the animals point of view.

Tool Talk Radio: 5.07.2022: From Scissors to Amps on the Breaker

Joe and Allan start out with a salute scissors and cutting throughout history. In Critter Wars, be careful, lots of critters are leaving the nest and getting into trouble. Next, the guys launch into why the proper rating on a breaker is so important. Joe gets into the perils of expanding foam and the advantages of boring bits. They wrap up with why it is so important to fix that drip.

Geek Tank Radio: 5.07.2022: Moon Knight wraps up and The Multiverse of Madness gets started.

Joe, Brandon, and Allan wrap up episode six of Moon Knight. Egyptian mythology is now in the MCU. The Multiverse of Madness opens up a lot of options for the MCU for the next phase of movies. In science, lots of ground water in Antarctica holds a lot of implications for everything from global warming to the biology of exoplanets. The guys wrap up with the pros and cons of fan fic productions.