Allan Gilbreath

Geek Tank Radio: 5.27.2023: Space Tourism and the Mo Collins Interview

Joe and Allan get into the ongoing issues with space tourism, beware the bathroom. Allan has a follow up report on the fate of the creepy dolls washing up onshore in Texas. Brandon and Joe have an amazing interview with the funny and talented Mo Collins. They wrap up with a quick look at the new trailer for the upcoming Flash movie.


Tool Talk Radio: 5.27.2023: Toilets, Scary Playground Equipment, and Memorial Day

Joe and Allan get things rolling with a bit of fun with pallets. Not all pallets are created equal. Allan’s Week was all about the theme of broken handles on toilets. Next, the guys reminisce about the scary playground equipment from the 20th century. They wrap up with the design and building of the National WWII Memorial.

Geek Tank Radio: 5.20.2023: Giant Sharks and 3-D Printing

Scott J. Carroll sits in for Brandon and lets Joe and Allan know what it is like to shoot a show at a convention. The new trailer for The Meg 2: The Trench reminds everyone just how much fun “popcorn” movies can be. They wrap up with 3-D printed wind turbines that look like yard art.

Tool Talk Radio: 5.13.2023 Tool Quick Hacks and Expanding Foam

Joe and Allan kick off the show with tool tales that involve lots of quick hacks to get things done. Allan has cautionary tales about decorating drain covers and the possible outcomes you won’t like. Joe reports that he managed to break his reciprocating saw while chopping up a tree stump. The Motherland Calls statue provides several examples of how as buildings and other structures age, there are unexpected changes. The guys wrap up chatting about the numerous benefits and pitfalls of expanding foam.

Geek Tank Radio: 5.13.2023: Violet Evergarden and Goodbye Guardians

Brandon, Joe, and Allan all agree that James Gunn did a masterful job saying goodbye to the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the “late to the party” category, Joe recently discovered the anime series “Violet Evergarden”. They all agree this is a serious example of master storytelling. It brings up the topic of how anime is pushing boundaries and bringing stories to the screen that otherwise may not make it in other formats. Just because it is animated does not mean that it is not an amazing story.

Tool Talk Radio: 5.06.2023: Stair Safety and the Ferris Wheel

Joe and Allan start off with function over form as they discuss stair safety and decoration. For Great Buildings in History, they explore how the first Ferris Wheel come to be built and what finally happened to it. Larry Brown from Brown Refrigeration stops by to remind everyone that the warm weather is coming. They wrap up with tales of their first big home improvement projects.

Geek Tank Radio: 5.06.2023: There is a Writer’s Strike

Brandon, Joe, and Allan touch on the final installment of The Guardians of the Galaxy. Brandon says to go see it and you will enjoy it. Then, the guys take on the numerous issues and ramifications of the new writer’s strike. You don’t really want AI to design your next round of movies and shows do you? Or is it already too late?