Allan Gilbreath

Geek Tank Radio: Episode 11.27.2021

Joe and Allan talk about advances in science and extinction reversal. The topics range from woolly mammoths to massive 3-D printers. Then the guys talk about Peter Jackson’s new work about the Beetles, “Let It Be” and the new live-action version of the hit anime “Cowboy Bebop”.

Tool Talk Radio: Episode 11.27.2021

Joe, Allan, and Max dive straight into the uses of the dimmer switch and tackle heirloom gardening and why old stuff is new again. Max leads a discussion about the possible uses of the “Bagdad Battery” from history, then the guys are joined by interior designer Meredith Fernandez as they talk about what it takes to build and furnish a showcase home in this year’s Vesta Home Show.

Tool Talk Radio: Episode 11.20.2021

Joe and Allan start with concrete foundations then follow the concrete from start to reuse and even 3D printing on a massive scale. Next, it is time for homemade “fung shui” for the holidays. There are lots of great tool bargains at your big box store and plenty of tools to be thankful for. The guys wrap up with a little winter gardening.