Hello Harvey

Welp, Harvey has rolled into town today.  Happily, he won’t be staying long , but he will be dropping off a lot of rain.  On the good side, Memphis does drain pretty well as we are not exactly strangers to the occasional downpour.  For right now, we are still getting the sheets of pounding rain and a bit of wind.  For my part, my fish ponds now have new waterfall features.  Part of my garden does resemble rice paddies and my bananas have been getting an extreme work out with the wind gusts.  Fish and turtles are all accounted for and will have some great stories in the morning.

The Desk of Endless Tasks and I are no strangers to getting massive amounts of work done during stormy evenings.  I have a solid uninterruptable power supply so I have plenty of time to shut it all down in the event the power goes out.  The storm has lots of moving water and moving water means the creation of positive ions and positive ions are a power source.  Let the lightning flash, the thunder roll, and the rain fall.  The random infinite power collection array has been deployed and a fresh kielbasa has been added to the guide lines of the Jacob’s Ladder (snack later).  Let the gauges peg over and switched be thrown open.  Caution is tossed to the wind as the probability engines whines to life.  Yup, it is going to be like that …..


Those Little Joys

Ahh, the joys of editing at The Desk Of Endless Tasks, and I actually mean it.  While The Desk Of Endless Tasks is indeed a dominatrix in the truest sense,  she is there to see you to the end of the task no matter by what means.  So, one has to be ready to get some work done.

Tonight, editing and pagination, and, true, not the most exciting way to spend an evening.  Unless, you take into consideration that the project that may be years in the making is now nearing completion.  While I do indeed enjoy over coming the endless effects of the infamous duo, The Foul-up Faerie and her side-kick the Typo Demon.

The files go back to author for corrections and review.  Hopefully, soon we will begin my favorite part of the program, pursuing the Wander Wombats of Prosperity.

Making the sausage …

Every Friday morning, I and my fellow miscreants, Joe and Brandon, utterly disrupt the lives of poor Brodee Scott and the staff of 101.9 KISS FM at IHeartMedia here in Memphis and we record the Geek Tank Radio show (http://www.geektankradio.com).  We cover basically whatever geeky topic catches our fancy.  Now the show sounds great and, yes, you do need to go take a listen, however, dear friends, recording a radio show is just about as crazy as the movie/tv world portrays us.  Regardless of the basic mayhem, we always seem to get enough actually recorded to make a show.  I will admit that the absolute best zingers normally take place about ten seconds after we hit the stop button.

The real question is why do we do this to ourselves at least once a week.  Well, there is the adulation of the fans.  It is a bit weird to be at a drive thru for a coffee and have the voice on the other of the ordering speaker tell you that you sound just like “the guy on the radio”.  Since I have a tendency to appear “live” so to speak at conventions, I get to meet the people that listen to the show.  It is a lot of fun to have someone walk up to my table and pick up where we left off on some topic we covered.

Another reason is filthy lucre.  I am certainly guilty of worming my out of certain activities with the question” “And this is making me money how?”.  Another odd experience is meeting a fan at a convention while they are wearing me on their t-shirt.  While we don’t make much money off the swag, we do indeed make a little and greatly appreciate it.

Although, the real reason is most likely that we just plain love what we are doing.  While the Wandering Wombats of Prosperity may never bless us with the riches of Midas, we have a good time doing on air what we are going to do anyway.

Well, time to get back to editing at The Desk Of Endless Tasks.  She is eyeing the riding crop so …..I owe, I owe, so back to work I go ….


Yes, there are actually Dark Oak Press fidget spinners.  Completely by accident, they are the ones that spin really well.  Needless to say, the three on The Desk of Endless Tasks are now ensnared in truly bizarre black hole-esque theory experiments into the stitching of time in a productivity loop.  You know – loop time so I get an extra day out of the designated hour non-moving “meditation”.

And, yes, I did observe the eclipse from Memphis.  It was nice to see another one in my lifetime, but, I do have to add that the whole “super lycan” legend was highly overrated.  I won’t go into details, just a little let down.

I also had never been to Columbus, MS before and thanks to Golden Triangle Comic Con, I have now had that good fortune.  The event went very well and I got to meet with lots of fans both old and new.

Now, I need to turn my attentions back to editing and possibly starting a new Jack Lago story.  I think the old boy is about ready to dust off his case book and get back to solving the unsolvable.  The fidget spinners are spinning with great enthusiasm, the gamma level induction field is nicely warmed up, and the probability generator is fully tanked up on chilled diet Mt. Dew.  Enjoy and don’t listen to the Babirusa intern, there are issues ….


I sit here tonight at The Desk of Endless Tasks as the world spins one way, while I spin another.  The infamous DOET is getting cleaner by the day.  Even the act of paying bills is getting the clean spots to spread.  Issue after issue has to be removed in order to have clear thoughts and fantasies.  With a major eclipse right around the corner, I need to be ready for the mental “what if” fallout from such an impressive event.  I have a fresh legal pad at the ready, two fidget spinners, a hot cup of tea, a mountain of ideas to type up, and at least three contradictory personality traits.  I believe a spot of cognac is going to get slipped into the reflectively charged  photon stream and we will just have to see what parallel dimension acts like it likes it.

Words on the screen

Getting words in a coherent fashion on the screen has been a bit of a challenge lately.  It is not a lack of ideas or projects, it is more a full compliment of distractions and time challenges.  Honestly, there are just weeks in this world where it gets too cumbersome to have uninterrupted thoughts.  However, there is nothing like escaping our crazy day to day world into a great project.  Lose yourself into a new world of different ideas and explore where they can take you.  Often writing can leave you wanting to know what is going to happen next just like a reader.  These days, a little escape is very good thing.