Survived Coldmagedeon …

Well, January has been quite the month.  There will be a lot of changes this year.  So much to look forward to achieving.  Happily, this year is starting off a bit less dramatically than last year.  A few minor goals have been reached with many more coming into reach.  Thus, I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds this year.

Geek Tank Radio ( continues to amaze me with the growth of the number of fans around the world.  Talk about blessed, we get to sit around a studio at Kiss 101.9 and act like we normally do and talk about the stuff we normally carry on about.  We just so happen to have the mics on and y’all enjoy listen to our madness.  Thanks for all the support and we have a lot more coming this year.

The Fix-It Up Show (podcast: The Fix-It Up Show) is another growing show now getting fans from all over.  We broadcast live at 8:00 AM on WREC 600 AM and 92.1 FM in Memphis, TN but we are catching on all over the place thanks to the IHeartMedia podcast app.  It is fabulous to hear from people from around the globe that enjoy listening to our silliness and dubious advise.

For everyone caught in the bitter cold a few days ago, thank goodness it is just about over.  We got massively lucky in Memphis and did not get pounded unlike last year when we got slammed by lots of ice and cold.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready for some warm temps.

On the book front, if you have not read anything by me yet, I am going to pitch you my Short Story Collection.  It has a little bit of this and that.  I am sure I have a story or two you will enjoy.

Later Y’all.


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