The Best Stories

The best stories always come from things not going exactly according to plan.  Now, I do know that occasionally you have to toss a real hissy fit to get people’s attention and/or get something corrected or done.  Sadly, customer service just isn’t what it used to.

With that said, there comes a point at which things are about as good as they are going to get.  Now is the time to start making the best of the situation at hand.  Over this past week, the temperatures have been been way below normal and causing problems all over the place.  Anything from freezing winds on the outside to frozen pipes on the inside.

I was just at ShadowCon in West Memphis, AR this weekend.  The hotel venue had burst pipes and was actually closed until about 4 p.m. on the Friday of the convention.  Bless the hearts of the convention staff, they dove in and pulled to together their event in an hour as people arrived.  While actual experiences will vary, I will remember watching a burlesque show in a pile of friends huddled together for warmth as the performers bravely went on with the show.  There were plenty of hot coffee runs, trips to the con suite, and at least one major raid on a Popeye’s Chicken.  Great conversations were had in the dealer’s room and people you just met become good friends by the end of the event.  Thank you to the staff of ShadowCon for boldly striding forward and putting on the best event possible.

Now, I am back The Desk Of Endless Tasks with a shiny year staring in the face and a renewed commitment to The Amazing Order Of Done.  Just remember, you can’t actually save time, you can only use it wisely.  So off we go …


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  1. Sounds like a memorable convention. See you in a couple of weeks at Chattacon. Don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the new venue; no more braving the elements to get to room parties or the con suite!

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