The Wolf Moon

Our new year rings in under the full Wolf Moon.  It is a clear and very cold night.  While the reality is that tomorrow is not really any different than any other day, mentally, it is the start of a new year.  We get to look forward to the possibilities of of all that stuff we haven’t done from last year.  Currently, I am sitting here at The Desk Of Endless Tasks while the temp outside drops to stupid cold levels.  The Murder To Go game is nearly complete.  Everything about the game itself is done.  Now working on the gloriously painful part, the instructions.  The beta version is out at the readers.  I am now waiting on the questions and comments to roll in.

Hopefully, I will get over working everywhere else 80 hours a week and I will get back to my own projects.  As I am fond of saying, so much mischief, so little time.  So many great ideas populate numerous post-it notes in a pile on the desk.  It would indeed be a banner year if I could turn these ideas into finished works.

2018, I look forward to you with an eye to The Amazing Order Of Done.  You are greeted by a fabulous full moon thus you are rolling in with some fanfare.  Well, with a bit of hard work and a smidge of good luck, this will be a better year for all of us.


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