An Interesting Year

It has indeed been an interesting year.  As we close in on it’s end, I always ask myself if I want another year of the things I have been doing.  Most years, this means the end of various activities, employments, employees, projects, and associations.  As I ask myself the same question this year, I have already divested myself of the things I did not want to carry forward and actually surrounded myself  with so much that I want to see into the shiny new 2018.  I have a couple of book projects that I should be able to wrap up in the next few months.  Numerous media projects that will finally finish after years of chasing them down.  Geek Tank Radio keeps growing by leaps and bounds.  I am already booked into many of my favorite conventions.  My customer service seminars are booking up and this coming year I am trying to add a portable escape room to the mix.  The Dark Oak Press Writer’s About Town seminars are growing rapidly as more locations and dates keep getting added.  Then there is the Pirate Fight Club.  I can not tell you how proud I am of everyone involved.  It takes amazing people to pick up a stage sword for the first time and commit themselves to the art form.  It is a lot of hard work, but it looks so good when it goes right.  From the side project department, both batches of muscadine wine turned out very well and now sit aging in their bottles.

Midnight approaches yet again as I sit here at the infamous Desk Of Endless Tasks.  She has been very motivational this year and many projects that were merely in the way of progress have been wrapped up.  The Intergalactic Truck Of Hauling has all new seals and it ready for further adventures.  For my next trick in world of wines, I think the next batch will be blackberry.  That just sounds like a lot of fun.  As for now, I and going to wrap up and stare at my new childish wonder, a small tank of brine shrimp.  Yes, sea monkeys, I have always found their tiny little antics to relaxing.  Relax and actually enjoy the Holidays for a change.


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