The Amazing Order of Done

This past week which. by the way was the living embodiment of the the great Monty Python skit “The Spanish Inquisition” except they did not bring the “Comfy Chair”, has reminded me to get back to my deeper, darker business beliefs.  As a founding member of The Amazing Order of Done, I have been repeating to myself all week the basic mantra – Do Not Confuse Effort With Results.

Sometimes, getting so overwhelmed by what all you have to get done,  you drop all the trappings of “trying” or “attempting”.  All you have time for is the most streamlined way of getting to a solution.  The simple beauty of no-holds-barred brutality of just plain and simple getting a task done.  I have noticed that a lot of the trappings of normal society have been sneaking back into my personal processes.  If you are truly honest with yourself, you will have to admit that many of the things we are actually sub-consciously doing many steps due to “Legacy” processes.

desk2mousepadLegacy process – the best example I can give of how entrenched this can be comes from many years ago when I was an instructor at a technology teaching facility.  Because of our location all Saturday classes began at 8 am.  During the week, classes began at 9 am.  I taught numerous Saturday classes so the timing was no big deal to me, but the clients could get a bit testy about having to be up that early on a weekend.  A few months later, the entire facility moved into it’s own building.  Not long after the move, the general manager (GM) came to me and asked if I could do a Saturday class.  I said no problem and that I would see the class at 9 am.  The GM said no – class started at 8.  I asked him why and he responded that “They turn off the air at 4 pm.”  I said,”No, class started at 9.  The GM looked at me like I was an idiot.  Then I asked, “Who turns off the air in here.  We own the building and the thermostat.  Are you going to sneak in here of Sat and turn of the electricity?  The look on the GM’s face was beyond priceless when if hit him that he had mentally transferred the legacy way of doing business with the old location and our new building.  I told me to let those poor people sleep in a bit.

So, review how you do things and see if there are any “Legacy Methods” holding you back.


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