Truly Endless

desk2mousepadIn spite of a couple of dedicated days at the black leather enhanced Desk of Endless Tasks, the tasks are proving to be more endless than usual.  I am indeed making progress and I do have the odd habit of starting with the most time consuming tasks first.  That way, it feels like you are picking speed as you pick off the tasks.  I also have a lovely sign over my desk that states, “Do not Confuse Effort With Results”.  Sometimes you just need to be reminded to just reach the “Done” status.  There are lots of tasks that sometimes you just have to pick a stop point.  Otherwise, I would keep messing with it for days.

Even my poor Intergalactic Truck Of Hauling has needed new seals and a new battery.  The poor old dear just needed to be shown a little love to keep it up and ready to dash to the rescue at a moments notice.  Well, with an active Pirate Fight Club, anything can and will happen.  Speaking of the PFC, everyone is doing so very well.  If you get a chance to see us in action, please show up and show us a bit of support.  It is an amazing amount of fun.

Still lots of great projects coming 🙂


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