Slowly I typed …

It is wonderful to be at The Desk of Endless Tasks again.  I am afraid there has been a delay in operations after the MCFC convention due to con crud induced coma.

MCFC at the Guest House was a wonderful time for me.  The Living Cartoon was a lot of fun.  I saw lots of old fans and met some great new ones.  There was plenty of mirth, mayhem, and madness to go around.  We even got a chance to play test the new murder mystery game and it was blast.

Then I got home.  I was mostly okay through pirate sword class on Tuesday, but I seemed to fail to wake up Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday.  I think I might have been a little tired.  Saturday and Sunday were only slightly better.  Happily, today has been mostly functional.  So, hundreds of emails and messages have now been plowed through.  I have even caught up on the bills.

Even though I have been method acting Rip Van Winkle, The Desk of Endless Tasks has been backing up with lots of new and wonderful projects.  Tomorrow, there shall be a shift in the gravitational center of the almighty desk and there shall be productivity.


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