Darkness has fallen ..

Darkness has fallen on my day, thank goodness.  Once it gets dark, it is time to slip into The Chair and pull up to The Desk of Endless Tasks.  Mentally, the shackles slip on and the Riding Crop of Productivity is now at the ready to spur on that which needs to be done.  While most of my cohorts are out at one event or another this weekend, I am home with no voice and a cough.  While I might not be getting into much mischief this weekend, I am moving a lot of work across this desk and that makes her happy.  And let’s face it, a cranky desk is a bad thing.

My friends at Malice in Memphis are having a good month.  Their new book Elmwood: Stories To Die For (http://www.darkoakpress.com/elmwood.html) is doing very well and their annual retreat is coming up.  Hopefully they will solve my murder.

Saturday, I get to be a panelist for the Desoto Writer’s Alliance.  I love events like this.  We answer questions and, most importantly, meet new people with an interest in the business.

The seminars are growing.  If can sneak out and attend, please do, they are very informative and a lot of fun.

The Pirate Fight Club is progressing.  New recruits are getting in lots of sword time.  I can’t wait until they start scripting their own scenarios.

MCFC (http://memphiscfc.com/) is just right around the corner.  It is going to be an amazing event this year with the new venue.  I am most excited about the expanded theatre for the Living Cartoon.  I have been warned to bring the voices, we are going big this year.

For my next trick tonight, I am writing up a portable Murder Mystery to be played for fabulous prizes in an hour.  You versus a room full of suspects and detectives.  Think of it as a Clue RPG.

Upcoming Appearances:

November 3rd – Malice in Memphis
If I understand the invitation correctly – I am the guest of honor in the murder mystery.  So, does that mean I am a detective or the murder victim?

November 4 10:30 am to 1:00 pm
Desoto Writers Alliance at the Southaven, MS Library for a mini-conference on publishing.

November 17th to 19th – MCFC – The Convention!


Nov 16th – National College/Tech Ed – Finding Your Voice – I Didn’t Know I Lost It
What is voice in writing and how to find yours; the difference between voice & style.  Writer’s Block has you stalled – try these tips to breakout of the box.

Dec 21st – National College/Tech Ed – Instilling Humor in Your Writing
Even the darkest of themes can use a little humor. How does humor and horror go together? The humorous laugh versus the nervous titter? Do readers and authors laugh at the same thing? Why have humor? Does the humor flow naturally or do you have to work it in to change the scene?




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