To Con Or Not To Con…

This past weekend I was a literary guest at ContraFlow ( in New Orleans.  First of all, this event is like going home to visit all your favorite relatives.  It is chilled and groovy and a great weekend.  Of course, the weather reports going down were a bit dicey with a tropical storm named Nate headed up into the Gulf of Mexico.  However, the drive down was truly lovely and of course, I could always bail out on Saturday if the weather truly got worse.  Friday night was fabulous and getting to visit with fans and friends old and new is an experience everyone should have.

The staff and regulars of the con seemed to not be worried about the storm so I checked with the hotel staff, they were not even ruffled.  Then the curfew for New Orleans dropped and some folks thought of it as a night off.  The truly local news predicted Nate would brush by and keep rolling.  The network stations were showing us how prepared everyone was.  The national news basically left you feeling like you needed a will.

I opted for the local view and hunkered down for a good time.  Of course, the cell phone keeps getting texts from everywhere are people saw the news and decided to see if I was safe, turned all furry (full moon), swept away, or if the mothership had finally returned.  Now, you should always side with caution and prevention especially when it comes to major acts of nature.  I am happy that I stayed and that Nate did as expected and we all had such a wonderful time.

To the staff of ContraFlow, you are all fabulous.  To my fellow celebrity guests, it is always so good to get together to visit and hang.  For the shenanigan gang, there is video proof that we really need adult supervision.  And, yes, the vids will be posting soon.

Upcoming Appearances:

November 3rd – Malice in Memphis 
If I understand the invitation correctly – I am the guest of honor in the murder mystery.  So, does that mean I am a detective or the murder victim?

November 4 10:30 am to 1:00 pm
Desoto Writers Alliance at the Southaven, MS Library for a mini-conference on publishing.

November 17th to 19th – MCFC – The Convention!


Oct 19th – National College/Tech Ed – Polish your work and make it shine – before you hit send
Rules are meant to be broken sometimes, but you must learn them before breaking them.  The Rule of Three – One of the oldest techniques in writing used to create engaging content. Have you finished your first short story or novel?  Formatting 101 – Follow the Guidelines.Grammar & Punctuation – Common Mistakes that Drive Editor’s Crazy

Nov 16th – National College/Tech Ed – Finding Your Voice – I Didn’t Know I Lost It
What is voice in writing and how to find yours; the difference between voice & style.  Writer’s Block has you stalled – try these tips to breakout of the box.

Dec 21st – National College/Tech Ed – Instilling Humor in Your Writing
Even the darkest of themes can use a little humor. How does humor and horror go together? The humorous laugh versus the nervous titter? Do readers and authors laugh at the same thing? Why have humor? Does the humor flow naturally or do you have to work it in to change the scene?




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