Pirates, books, a full moon, and so much more …

As I sit here at The Desk of Endless Tasks catching up from an amazing week, I am getting peeks of the nearly full moon through the blinds.  There is indeed something all about a full moon in October.  I know that logically, this full moon is just like all the others, but, it is just the thought that this is the full moon that signifies the full on shift to fall.  Yes it is almost enough to make you want to howl.

My adventure as a pirate was amazing.  A month of our hard work paid off and we had a wonderful “fight”.  Yes, there is video and, yes, it will get posted to the Dark Oak channel on YouTube.com.  I will post a link here next week.  However, we all looked fabulous as pirates.


New Orleans is next for ContraFlow  (http://contraflowscifi.org/) this weekend.  Not that I need an excuse to go to New Orleans, but this is a great convention run by great people and I am going to have a great time.  If you are in the area, stop by and join the madness!

Geek Tank Radio (https://geektankradio.wordpress.com/) just keeps getting bigger and better.  A quick shout out to our Canadian fans (we just found out we have).  The Geek Eats challenges are growing.  We tried the KitKat Pumpkin Spice flavor and they were pretty good, but I decided that if we are doing pumpkin spice, let’s do it right.  So, I made a couple of batches of mini loafs of pumpkin bread.  It is always a good feeling to leave the studio with an empty food transport.

Upcoming Appearances:

October 6th to 8th at ConraFlow (convention in Kenner, LA.)

November 3rd – Malice in Memphis
If I understand the invitation correctly – I am the guest of honor in the murder mystery.  So, does that mean I am a detective or the murder victim?

November 4 10:30 am to 1:00 pm
Desoto Writers Alliance at the Southaven, MS Library for a mini-conference on publishing.

November 17th to 19th – MCFC – The Convention!


Oct 19th – National College/Tech Ed – Polish your work and make it shine – before you hit send
Rules are meant to be broken sometimes, but you must learn them before breaking them.  The Rule of Three – One of the oldest techniques in writing used to create engaging content. Have you finished your first short story or novel?  Formatting 101 – Follow the Guidelines.Grammar & Punctuation – Common Mistakes that Drive Editor’s Crazy

Nov 16th – National College/Tech Ed – Finding Your Voice – I Didn’t Know I Lost It
What is voice in writing and how to find yours; the difference between voice & style.  Writer’s Block has you stalled – try these tips to breakout of the box.

Dec 21st – National College/Tech Ed – Instilling Humor in Your Writing
Even the darkest of themes can use a little humor. How does humor and horror go together? The humorous laugh versus the nervous titter? Do readers and authors laugh at the same thing? Why have humor? Does the humor flow naturally or do you have to work it in to change the scene?




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