Fuzzy Logic

Oh my goodness is is nice tonight.  It is dropping into the 50s tonight under a clear sky and a lovely full moon.  I had a fairly productive day.  Several projects have advanced a step or two and tonight it was all about Pirate Fight Club.  You all know the first rule of Pirate Fight Club, however, we all know the rules are really just guidelines so I am going to chat about how much fun it is to spend an evening getting to know a new poly-carbonate prop sword.  We have our routine and it is fabulous.  I can’t wait to invade the Public Library on the Saturday morning of Sept 23rd. Now, giving it back may be in question ….

As for tonight, let’s just say my logic is getting a bit fuzzy with all this serious moonlight.  Ta Ta For Now and don’t let the werewolves bite ….


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