The major heat has broken and the full moon approaches.  It is finally a truly productive time of year.  Tonight has been quite the night at The Desk Of Endless Tasks.  Bills have been paid, a flock of emails answered, a couple of pitches put out to the universe, and now a bit more work on the current projects.  Yes, clearing the desk completely is a wonderful goal, yet, for now, I am happy to dealing with up to date projects and making the clear spot grow a little bit each session.

The impending full moon has me thinking about my old adage hanging over my desk.  Do Not Confuse Effort With Results
With so many possible projects pending, it can be so simple to lose your way in the “window dressing” of getting things done.  Every so often, I have to remind myself that effort and results are not directly related.  You would think that they are, but I promise, there are lots of influences between the two.  I know that I am a little weird, but,  I actually need the whole “paying the bills” experience.  It gives me a chance to look things over, keep the whole evil scheme budget in mind, and basically review the progress of the last two weeks.  So rather than dread the experience and add way too much effort into it, I just go for the results.  It works for me.

How does it get so late so fast?  There are still metaphorical miles to go tonight.  The Lycan Eze seems to holding so another lash or two from The Desk and a bit more shall be done …..


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