Friday Night

Welcome to the post Harvey Desk of Endless Tasks.  Happily, no serious damage and a few days of pleasant weather to dry out.  The forces above provide aid to the many still in need.

During the Geek Eats challenge part of recording Geek Tank Radio this morning, I served a wonderful dirty rice complete with three varieties of tomatoes (yellow pear, red grape, and roma) and the heatless jalapeno pepper.  I am happy to report there were no leftovers and and a couple of folks looking for a bit more.  I enjoy this segment of the show.  It reminds me that I love my kitchen and the magic hidden in my garden.

I have to admit that due to clients, storms, broken pipes, floods, tornadoes, and other mundane time sucking joys, my world has been basically crisis management for quite a while.  I am going to add to eclipse lore and say since then, life has been taking a bit more of an even keel.  As a result, I have pulled the infamous Probability Progenitor apart and have begun the reconfiguration process.  I think the ursinophobia modulator may have burned out at some point.  Obviously, it is going to be a long night ….


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