Hello Harvey

Welp, Harvey has rolled into town today.  Happily, he won’t be staying long , but he will be dropping off a lot of rain.  On the good side, Memphis does drain pretty well as we are not exactly strangers to the occasional downpour.  For right now, we are still getting the sheets of pounding rain and a bit of wind.  For my part, my fish ponds now have new waterfall features.  Part of my garden does resemble rice paddies and my bananas have been getting an extreme work out with the wind gusts.  Fish and turtles are all accounted for and will have some great stories in the morning.

The Desk of Endless Tasks and I are no strangers to getting massive amounts of work done during stormy evenings.  I have a solid uninterruptable power supply so I have plenty of time to shut it all down in the event the power goes out.  The storm has lots of moving water and moving water means the creation of positive ions and positive ions are a power source.  Let the lightning flash, the thunder roll, and the rain fall.  The random infinite power collection array has been deployed and a fresh kielbasa has been added to the guide lines of the Jacob’s Ladder (snack later).  Let the gauges peg over and switched be thrown open.  Caution is tossed to the wind as the probability engines whines to life.  Yup, it is going to be like that …..


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