This week – cupcakes

Do to yet another aspect of my past, I can cook pretty well.  A few weeks ago, Brandon and Joe got into a conversation about the show “Cupcake Wars”.  Apparently, there had been a recent challenge involving chocolate and Parmesan cheese that left my co-hosts in a debate as to how those turned out in the real world.  I finally made it home last Thursday at a decent hour so the challenge was on.  On air, The Geek Patrol all agreed that in the right proportions, they are very tasty cupcakes.  Score another round for Geek Eats 🙂

Now, I see we have a new Doctor.  I know the show is taking a risk, but I will wait to see what they do with this new direction.

Farewell to Martin Landau and George Romero.  2017 continues to claim more of our greats.  Time to break out a few old movies.

I am finally getting back into the swing of a few things, so more to come.


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