The Desk of Endless Tasks

It is odd how your entire life can revolve around an inanimate object,  Obviously, my life is ruled by the leather clad hands of two desks.  The main desk at home is the original and she has been joined by a new sleek video editing desk at the studio.  Every minute of everyday is basically controlled by the work load pending at each desk.  It has now become a bit of protocol for me to start my production each night.  I obtain a beverage (normally diet Mt. Dew) and it gets placed to the left hand.  The pending pile sits just to the left of the soda.  The computer screens, of course, dominate the center and the in need of mercy printers sit to the right.  Thus the daily dive into madness begins.  The mouse and keyboard are set to the ready and as soon as the dilitheum is nice and hot I can kick in the Inner Galactic Maelstrom Generator and set the Chronologic Actuator to “steady as she goes” thus freeing the desk from its mundane moorings and into the aether we glide …..


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