Recent Events :-)

At the beginning of October, I was featured at a truly delightful convention in New Orleans known as ContraFlow.  The hotel was nice, the people chilled, the food good, and the fans were outstanding.  This is a growing convention and it should be. Check it out next year if you get a chance.

This past weekend was TV show shooting time with the amazing Expedition Unknown.  The shoot features a great “fear tank” theory and experimentation that you are going to love when you get to see the episode.  Here is the best part, picture walking backwards carrying camera gear through a huge haunted house entertainment venue with all the smoke, darkness, lasers, and scary monster actors jumping out at you.  For the large number of actors that I am sure that I stepped on  – I really didn’t mean too. I swear.

Right now, I am chained to the infamous Desk Of Endless Tasks while I panic slightly at the number of book releases I still have to get done in the next few weeks.  With her (the desk) “kind” leather enhanced methods of encouragement, I am sure I will get much accomplished.





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